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DPBBelleville Favorites

Johnny's Grill on the Lake

This one's clearly a prime spot in the summer months when that outdoor deck becomes a really desirable piece of real estate! This bar and grill type of place serves up a lot of delicious food and a whole lot of drinks are very affordable prices. If you're partying in Belleville, 9 times out of 10, you'll be right here at Johnny's. A true DetPartyBus top recommendation.
You can find Johnny's Grill on the Lake at 146 High St, Belleville, MI 48111 and you can call them up at phone number (734) 699-1777.

Bayou Grill

This grill also gets a lot of love from DetPartyBus customers because of the prime location and the amazing food. This is a French soul food establishment that is beyond impressive. The bayou baked trio is probably our top choice on the menu and we go absolutely wild over their jambalaya. If you're a catfish lover, this is your spot. Sunday brunch is the ideal time to come in!
You can find Bayou Grill at 404 Main St, Belleville, MI 48111 and you can call them up at phone number (734) 697-2300.

Twisted Rooster

Twisted Rooster is one of the newer additions to Belleville, nice and large in stature with plenty of room for your large DetPartyBus group to come on in and make themselves comfortable. We enjoy the bar area and the half booths. It's all about comfort, good food, and good comfort food here! The macaroni and cheese is the standout item as far as we're concerned.
You can find Twisted Rooster at 9729 Belleville Rd, Belleville, MI 48111 and you can call them up at phone number (734) 697-6201.

Egan's Pub

If you thought you couldn't find a great Irish pub in the Belleville area for your DetPartyBus trip, think again! Egan's is a winner and then some. This is a lovely and comfortable Irish style bar with a wide array of beer, wine, and spirits for you to choose from. The food is very good and the prices are unbelievable, helping you to save even more money during your trip!
You can find Egan's Pub at 396 Main St, Belleville, MI 48111 and you can call them up at phone number (734) 325-7451.

Asian Garden

Lovers of Asian fare including Chinese and Japanese should really check out Asian Garden when they're traveling with DetPartyBus in the Belleville area. While it's got an unassuming location in a strip mall, don't overlook it! They've really got excellent food here. Great sushi rolls, wonderful sesame chicken, fabulous lo mein, old fashioned egg drop soup... everything that you love!
You can find Asian Garden at 10840 Belleville Rd, Belleville, MI 48111 and you can call them at phone number (734) 697-0171.


Everybody loves Applebee's! This is always a reliable spot for a hearty meal and some good strong drinks, and all at prices that will not break the bank. DetPartyBus customers love mingling at the bar and enjoying the ambiance there, or just chilling at their table with their group and chatting the night away. Great service, very clean, and very welcoming.
You can find this Applebee's location at 10526 Belleville Road, Belleville, MI 48111 and you can reach them at phone number (734) 699-6660.

The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box might be last on DetPartyBus's list but it's one of the first in our hearts! This is a cool little spot, not great for your largest party bus groups, but nice for your more intimate ones, with lots of bar seating and stool seating. All your lunch favorites are here, including wings, wraps, basket dinners, shakes, malts, and floats! Sort of a combo of a BBQ restaurant and a diner. Love it!
Find The Lunch Box at 562 Main St, Belleville, MI 48111 and reach them at phone number (734) 391-8281.

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