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DPBRoyal Oak Favorites

Pronto Restaurant

This place has a really nice atmosphere and it also has really great fries, I especially enjoy the sweet potato ones with a chicken sandwich. Nice people to, very friendly, and great service. I had fun here, I will be back.

DAmato Royal Oak

This is my favorite place to come and relax and have a delicious appetizer. I also enjoy my vodka tonics here, because this place has such a great atmosphere. I can't complain, I really enjoy it here, great times, good stuff.

CLily's seafood and grill

We came here for brunch, and it was simply and truly out of this world!! The crab cakes and eggs were delicious, and the bacon omelette was good too. It was perfect to, because I got to enjoy a Mimosa with it, great brunch all together!!

Town Tavern

I came here for an after dinner drink and for dessert, and it was wonderful. I enjoyed the mixed berry tavern cake with some coffee n heath ice cream. I had a delicious hummer with it, what a great night.

Oak City Grille

This is a great place to eat, because they have amazing lemon chicken, and a really nice wait staff. The beers are great, what a fine selection of brews. I had a really great experience, really great.

Bastone Brewery

I have to admit when I first came here I was a bit skeptical about the beer, especially one named Royal IPA. Then, however I tried it, and it was truly delicious and really really tasty. I would recommend that beer and the pilsner one as my two favorites.

Lockhart's BBQ

This is a great place if you love bbq chicken, or a great burger, of which my favorite is the Poblano burger. The smoked pork nachos are really really good too. This is a great place for good bbq and good times.

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