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DPBAnn Arbor Favorites

Prickly Pear Southwest Cafe

This is a fun place, that is not only cozy, but it also has great food. I really enjoy their scallop Quesadilla, especially with the black bean salsa in it. Yet, what really does it for me is the dessert, of which I love the key lime pie, it's uber yummy!!

The Original Cottage Inn

This is where it all started and it should stay!! It's really great, especailly their pizza!! I love the one with double meat and double onions, it's great!!

Gandy Dancer

Seafood never tasted so good, especially with this menu!! I've never been here for lunch, but when I came for dinner, I fell in love with the Tuscan Portobello Pasta. I heard the Chicken Pinot Grigio is pretty tasty too!!

Jerusalem Garden

Yum, love this place!! They have the best chicken shawarma's in town!! Staff is so friendly too, and very inviting and warm, try it, you'll love it!!


Ok, so I love this place, because of the atmosphere, but honestly it's the Shrimp and Scallops that are to die for!! The purple rice really makes it great, and my fiancee had the Flank Steak, and he said it's out of this world. All in all, I would highly recommend Vinology.

Casey's Tavern

Ok, so my boyfriend, totally turned me on to this place!! I never thought I'd enjoy it, but the Asian child salad was uber yum!! And what made the meal even more awesome was the Bell's Amber Ale, that I got with it, because that's my favorite beer!


I've never really heard of or even been a fan of Indian food, until I tried this place!! The Podina Lamb Chops are incredibly delicious, and I think I recall having some type of kebab, of which was amazing. So yeah, totally give this place a shot!!

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