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DetPartyBus is always available for your assistance. We provide party bus and limousine support for our clients whenever. Events run long and it's usually pretty late by the time a party bus or limousine is returned to our garage. Keeping that in mind, there always has to be someone on staff to make sure everything is okay. DetPartyBus knows how hard it can be to make a choice sometimes. In certain instances, the information provided is not enough to help you reach a clear decision. Or, maybe you just need clarification on something involving a party bus or limousine all together. If you feel you could use a deeper explanation about our party buses and limousines give DetPartyBus a shout. If you can't contact us during the day that's no problem. You can holler at us anytime day or night regarding your party bus or limousine. You can also reach out to DetPartyBus if you're ready to make your reservation. Due to high call volumes our party buses and limousines are gone much quicker than expected. DetPartyBus wants to help guarantee you are able to reserve the party bus or limousine you want. In order to reach that goal, we need to see some proactivity on your behalf. You have to get in contact to see what party buses and limousines are ready and available to tailor to your needs. You can want a party bus or limousine from us all day and night if you want. While we appreciate your desire for the party bus or limousine to come from our company, no moves can be made until you consult with a representative from our company. It's up to you to ensure your night happens. DetPartyBus is simply a conduit through which an amazing time in a party bus or limousine can be accessed. What's the date of your party bus or limousine event? Let's get you squared away with a splendid party bus or limousine that will keep you authentically gratified until your night is through. DetPartyBus is here right now waiting for your call or email for your party bus or limousine. An important aspect of a successful business includes positive communication with your clients. DetPartyBus has this covered! With booking agents and customer service representatives who work all throughout the night to ensure your questions can always be answered, a successful party bus trip is only a call away. We work with you to get the fine details of your event Contact us at any time of the day or night, on any day of the year to get your party bus reservation solidified. We certainly look forward to speaking with you and setting up your transportation.

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DetPartyBus is Metro Detroit's number one luxury transportation company. We operate 24/7 so contact us any time for quotes, questions, and to book! What are you waiting for? Call us today!

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