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Yes, we do have a minimum time commitment required for all trips. During peak times on evening and weekends we require a six hour minimum rental with no exceptions. You don't have to use all of the time you paid for, but you do have to pay for six hours. If you have questions about your day and event, please call us today!

We put in a large effort into getting you the support that you need regarding your party bus or limousine. Det Party Bus values clear communication. It's easy for signals to get mixed and crossed when having a dialogue. Det Party Bus tries to set up our site to be as informative as possible so you can get your party bus or limousine answers here. Although, of course there's always that shade of grey where things get lost. The way you interepret things plays a role in how you understand them. Det Party Bus wants you to be educated when making decisions about your party bus or limousine. If you have something that isn't necessarily clear to you, get in touch with us asap. We want you to know the pertinent details about your party bus or limousine so you can be well informed before boarding. If you don't communicate with Det Party Bus, how can we serve you? We can't address things that have not been brought to our attention. If you need some more clarity about Det Party Bus and our selection of vehicles we can assist you with our expert knowledge. Det Party Bus is seasoned in the party bus and limousine industry. We've gained valuable insights in our time of supplying luxury transportation. Det Party Bus wants you to make the right choice about what you need. We do not swindle our clients out of their money by making you get more than what you need. Det Party Bus is upfront and honest with you so you can feel at ease with us. We aLso tailor you party bus or limousine reservation to the needs of you and your group. Trust is another huge component of any working relationship. If you can't trust the people you're working with you might want to reconsider the situation. Det Party Bus puts everything on the table so you can be informed and make clear choices. If you feel that you have something that needs to be answered feel free to ask Det Party Bus. It's only a disservice to yourself when you keep your thoughts from Det Party Bus. We offer the tools necessary to support your party bus and limousine concerns. If you decide not to take advantage of them then that's your perogative. Detroit Party Bus loves delivering rapid service. To help speed up the process of assisting you, we've added the most frequently asked questions here. When you've done this as long as we have, you begin to notice trends. Most people have exact or very similar inquiries regarding their party bus or limousine. Go over the list below before reaching out to Det Party Bus. There's a very high likelyhood that you'll be helped with the information below. If you still would like more answers or can't find your question below assitance is always here from our end. Just send out the contact to Det Party Bus and we'll cover the rest with you via phone or email.

Our phones are always on! Every hour of every day of the year, so have no qualms about giving us a call during any hour of the night. A fun night takes time for everything to happen. Most party bus or limousine resrvations end by the wee hours of the morning anyway. In that regard, we always have people in the office who can help you out. If you want to see our collection of party buses and limousines that's awesome. Our office is open to visitors Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm. We do recommend calling in advance however, to ensure that the vehicle you are interested in is available for viewing. Depending on when you come the party bus or limousine you want may be out for the time being. Letting us know when you plan on stopping by helps us prevent you from being disappointed by not being able to find your party bus or limousine. Seeing your party bus or limousine gives you a real life view of what you can expect from your party bus or limousine. Set up your party bus or limousine preview with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For the purposes of cleanliness and consideration of all of our guests, we do not allow smoking on any of our buses or limos. We love that you want to have a memorable time in our party buses and limousines. We set them up to be so great for that very reason. While we enjoy having you in our party buses and limousines, we don't want lingering traces of what you've done sticking around. Not smoking in our party buses and limousines is how we preserve our party buses and limousines for future events. We're more than happy to make a comfort stop for smoking purposes whenever you might need it. You are more than welcome, however to bring any and all alcoholic drinks on board for the enjoyment of any guests who are able to provide proof of legal drinking age. Det Party Bus follows all state and federal laws pertaining to alcohol. We do not condone or support underage drinking at all. However for those of drinking age, consuming alcohol on the party bus is absolutely alright. We've provided bars to you with cups and ice just to allow you to have chilled beverages in your party bus or limousine. Make the most of your evening in our party buses and limousines with our great company

We are pleased to take you anywhere you'd like to go, as long as it is attainable within your designated (paid) time frame. Your price is assuming that your pickup and drop off locations are the same, as well.

Your incurred charges begin at the moment we get to the scheduled pick-up. Charges stop when we finish our very last drop-off. We get your price by considering a few different things; where you're going, when you need service, and how many passengers you'll be transporting with you.

It is highly preferred that you leave the vehicle in as close to the same condition in which you received it as possible. We understand that there might be a bit of a mess to clean up after a night of partying. Although we do not expect to get our vehicles back looking completely trashed. That is why we charge a deposit for your party bus or limousine. A deposit motivates you to keep your party bus or limousine in well condition if you want it returned to you the following morning. If things are damaged or if one of the attendees vomited inside of the bus, we'll have to charge extra for cleanup. If it exits the amount of your party bus deposit, then we will bill you for the remaining balance of what you owe for wrecking the party bus or limousine. We want you to have a blast inside of your vehicle Just make sure you treat it right in the process.

Our chauffeurs know their way around quite well. They've been driving through Detroit and Michigan at large for a long time now. We only employ party bus and limousine drivers with years of experience so you can get uncompromising service from them. As sharp as our party bus and limousine drivers are, they're still human. Taking that into mind every now and again they may make a wrong turn somewhere. You don't have to panic though. Our party bus and limuosine drivers carry a GPS to further ensure that we can take you wherever you might need to go. So even if a mistake is made the ultimate outcome of your party bus or limousine will be fail proof. Det Party Bus strongly advises you to let us know where you plan on going when you reserve your trip. This allows us a chance to plan your routes ahead of time, and your trip will certainly be one to remember when all of the details are taken care of beforehand.
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