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   DetPartyBus carries a full range of vehicles for you to select from. You will be well impressed once you rest your eyes upon your party bus or limousine. Every party bus or limousine you will come across from us will be clean, well maintained and smelling fresh. DetPartyBus wants you to have a brand new experience in our party buses and limousines. In that regard we do everything possible to make sure your party bus or limousine is ready like new for you.

   The party buses and limousines crafted by DetPartyBus are nothing short of remarkable. The features that were just names were only bits and pieces of what our party buses and limousines have. Detroit is huge and a lot of people live here. We've beeen party bus and limousine couriers for all kinds of events. During our time of dishing out luxury vehicles and service, we've gained extra insight on how to serve you better.

   Party Buses and limousines from our company are very lavish. An arsenal of amenities await to comfort you in our party buses and limousines. The first thing you will probably notice is the superior leather seating we offer. You can define your night however you may with DetPartyBus. Just know that when you get a party bus or limousine from us that you will be rolling in absolute relaxation. Our leather seating is very upscale and modern. Not only does it help to soothe as you ride to your event, it also provides an ultra cool lounge feel to your party bus or limousine. The flock of party buses and limousines we supply come with tinted windows too. Your personhood beyond our party buses and limousines needs to be able to remain in tact. We don't want you to lose your clout because you we spotted letting your hair down. Things are not always as they seem. DetPartyBus makes sure that we keep you and your guests covered by installing tinted windows in all of our party buses and liimousines for you. The next feature isn't found in every party bus or limousine we carry although it does come in many. The exclusivity of this feature is probably what makes it so wildly popular. Party Bus Detroit has built in a stripper pole with most of our party buses and limousines. Get wild and crazy and swing like never before from our stripper pole. It's great for unwinding and letting loose if you feel like entertaining. The stripper pole is also great for when you and your guests decide that you need some exotic entertainment on the way to your event.

   Another impeccable feature that you'll find in our party buses and limousines is the bar. Does it come stocked with alcohol already? No. It is your responsibility to bring the spirits. Although, our bars in every party bus and limousine come with cups and ice prestocked. We make sure you have cold drinks and something to hold them in while riding with us. Just be certain to bring the liquor. Our party buses and limousines also have mood lighting which allow you to create the tone necessary for your party bus or limousine. We also have a stellar sound system in our party buses and limousines. Your sound system is packed with so much great stuff. Subwoofers fill your party bus or limousine with premium sound. You can also lisen to your music how you choose in your party bus or limousine. If you want to hook up your mobile devices go ahead. There are dedicated audio jacks built into our sound system for that. Furthermore, you can play your cd's too if you choose to do that. Last but not least, our party buses and limousines feature televisions capable of playing live tv, your dvds or blu rays. DetPartyBus designs our party buses and limousines in a way that truly allows you to explore your options. Go over the party buses and limousines featured below to see what they offer. Once you have a strong idea of the party bus or limousine that you would like from DetPartyBus, we will set is aside for your special date.

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