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Weddings are an a very delicate occasion. Your wedding is your promise to commit to marriage before the eyes of everyone who matters most in your life. Many men and women tend to have a bachelor or bachelorette party before ssaying "I Do." People frequently use our party buses and limousines for one wild last night of bachelorhood. Our party buses and limousines are prepared for your last hurrah before life long commitment to the one who really matters, your spouse. There's many trinkets in our party buses and limousines that let your bachelorette or bachelor party be as refined or wild as you like. One thing many people reserving our party buses and limousines absolutely enjoy is the built in stripper pole. The dedicated dance areas in our party buses and limousines allow you to bring whatever adult entertainment you wish along for the ride. You can have whatever particular body parts you prefer thrown around in your face for hours on end in our party bus and limousine fleet. Det Party Bus knows that our clients are looking to get crazy when riding in a party bus or limousine from us. If you prefer not to have strippers for the evening, you and your friends can get drunk and try some acrobatics on the stipper pole provided. It's way more common and entertaining than you can imagine. Knock a couple back and show off your skills. You're more of a perfomer than what you may actually realize. Plug in your tunes and go to work in our party buses and limousines. We have the ultimate combiination of features that let you shake it off the right way. Det Party Bus also provides our services for weddings. Your wedding day quite frankly will be one of the biggest days you'll ever experience in life. Planning your wedding can be rather stressful as every detail must be finely laid so that everything works in the order you designed for it to. The most impoartant day of your life deserves the most fine trimmings you can get. This includes your arrival as well. In accordance with the old wive's tale, the bride and groom party should consider riding in separate party buses and limousines. It's bad luck for the bride and groom-to-be to see each other before the nuptials commence. Treat your wedding crew to fabulous treatment and service. Afterall, them being there is a part of what helps you to look good. May as well spoil them and yourselves with a party bus or limousine from Det Party Bus. You and your entourage will arrive at your wedding venue with a high precedent. Det Party Bus has been servicing events for some time now. We've fine tuned our strengths and services to service you in the best way possible.For a wedding party bus out of Michigan check out Wedding Limos Chicago

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