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People often place a negative connotation alongside drinking. True, drinking can lead to some choices that weren't very well thought out when you don't monitor yourself. However, drinking can provide the relaxation necessary for you to let your guard down and have a good time. Hence the phrase "drink and be merry." Beer and wine certain are elixirs that are capable of making you feel merry while riding in your party bus or limousine. Surprisingly enough, there is a bunch of hometown microbreweries here. Party Bus Det can give you covering from harm and danger while you experience great beer bred right here in Detroit. You and your party bus or limousine guest are going to have the time of your lives venturing Detroit and beyond to find great beer. Many cool microbreweries operate right here in the city of Detroit although there are a lot outside the city as well. You won't crave the national brands after discovering the taste of Michigan's microbreweries. The same goes for wine too. Unlike Michigan made beer, you have to travel outside the city limits to find fresh and robust wine. However that's not an issue at all. Plenty of wine enthusiasts have used our party buses and limousines to have statewide wine tastings. The best part about it is you get to drink as much as you want while remaining care free in your party bus or limousine. Craft beer and craft wine can both be found right here in Michigan. Let Det Party Bus take you to all of the great wineries and breweries that are here. Your passion for beer and wine will be catered to with outstanding quality by Det Party Bus. Find all of the breweries and wineries that you would like to make a trip to. Party Bus Det will get you to and from safely with no outside interference. What are you waiting on? Your event doesn't being until you put your request through to Det Party Bus. You can also get more information at Michigan Brewery Tours

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