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Detroit, MI has a very rich musical past as one of the homes of soul music. We are Motown where many great singers and artists have inspired and influcenced music as we know it today. Detroit is the home of many great current and past musicians. Smokie Robinson and The Supremes all got their start here as well as Eminem and Big Sean. There's a lot of musical notoriety radiating from Detroit which makes us one of the music centers of the country. Many bands and performers stop in Detroit for shows on the regular. Is your favorite artist on their way here? Spectacular. Det Party Bus can take you to the show with all of the praise and comfort afforded to the artist you're seeing. You can divide the night how you choose in o your party bus or limousine. Sometimes, the opening acts are not as good as the headliner. Yes, they help pass the time until the main star arrives and performs. However, watching artists who you're not so familiar with can become tiresome in the grand scheme of things. We can take you to do something else fun until the main show starts. Or, if you want to party in the concert parking lot, that's an option as well. Our party buses and limousines are spiced up to keep you entertained for hours on end. Have a small gathering in your party bus or limousine before the show starts. Your party bus or limousine from Det Party Bus will certainly attract attention from those around you. Find some new friends in your party bus or limousine from Det Party Bus. All of the party buses and limousines harbored in our garage are balls of explosive, luxurious fun waiting to occur. What is the date of your concert? We can set aside an imperial party bus or limousine for you to loiter in until showtime. Contact us to find out more about reserving a Det Party Bus vehicle for your concert. Someone's always here to support you when necessary. Find out just how super a concert can be with a party bus or limousine from Det Party Bus. In Colorado visit our affiliate for Denver Concerts.

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