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A Night Out:

Occasionally life requires you to just take a step back and have a good time. Bills and work among other daily stressors are enough to make you crack. Det Party Bus lets you keep your sanity by offering you fine party buses and limousines. What's on the agenda for the evening? Det Party Bus can transport you and your guests to the Second City for some great laughs and live entertainment. Once you're ready to burst at the seams Det Party Bus can ride you to the next place on your agenda. We'll take you to wander around downtown and play in Campus Martius until you figure out the next thing you want to do. We can take you to the Detroit Opera house or Club XS. There's a whole playscape for your to explore in Detroit. When you get your party bus or limousine for your night out, try to unturn every rock here in Detroit. You'll find some pretty great hidden gems as you glide through the city in luxury. Steal gazes and gasps as you pass by in your well crafted party bus or limousine. Det Party Bus does everything to give you a grand appearance. Soak yourself in the grandeur that Det Party Bus sends your way. We have a collection of party buses and limousines that will really add some traction to your night out. See the best of Detroit while riding in an extraordinary party bus or limousine. Select what night you and your friends are trying to have a night out and reserve your party bus or limousine. You work hard, you deserve to be able to blow off some steam with majestic quality and luxury. We're here for you now to assist with your party bus or limousine ride. Assistance is always at hand when working with Det Party Bus. Next time you're in Florida on vacation visit Tampa Night Out

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