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Detroit is home to a various great sports teams. The Pistons own basketball, the Red Wings run hockey, The Tigers exalt what baseball is and the Lions represent our football team. For some people sports are the ultimate thrill. It gives you bragging rights about your hometown. Especially in Detroit as we have been ridiculed and mocked by a throng of important people in the media. Our city seems like nothing but ruins of what once was from the outside looking in. Quite contrary, Detroit is a rich city with much to offer. Every place has negative and positive aspects about it. The media has just chosen to shine a light on the negative aspect about our city. Rediscover Detroit in a new way with a party bus or limousine form our company. Michigan and Detroit in particular are notoriously known for being cold. We don't you and your friends to freeze while supporting the home team. You have to be crazy to be in the cold cheering for a team. Michigan gets ridiculously cold as last winter and our massive amounts of snow have proven. Det Party Bus prefers you comfortable rather than frostbitten. When the sports season takes off, set your reservation for your party bus or limousine as soon as possible. Our party buses and limousines let you remain cozy while you go crazy over what your favorite team is or isn't doing. You can watch the big game on one of our many televisions thrown into our party buses and limousines. They come equipped with HD antennas so you can watch tv as it's happening live. You'll have the attention of all the other tail gaters in the parking lot. They'll admire how posh your party bus or limousine is and who knows, you may even make a few friends while out there. Det Party Bus and our fleet of party buses and limousines are all about bringing people together. We like to create unity amongst friends and strangers. Besides a stranger is nothing more than a friend you haven't met yet. Get everyone together and indulge in cold brews from your personal bar placed inside of your party bus or limousine. You''ll be the big man in town once everyone sees how superb your party bus or limousine is. When it's time to support the home team, you need to go with a party bus or limousine fronm Det Pary Bus. You can do all of your crazy fan rituals to bring your team to victory in pristine comfortability. Some people believe our party buses and limousines are the lucky charms that bring their team to win. There's an infinite amount of superstitions that surround sports and what makes a team win or lose. Enact all of them while onboard a fabulous party bus or limousine suppled by Det Party Bus. If we are booked solid you can use Detroit Sports Party Bus. Party bus and limousine agents are available whenever to help get you squared away with a vehicle for a date.

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