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Sweet Sixteen Parties:

Depending on the culture it may go by various names, but in the United States it is most commonly referred to as a Sweet Sixteen party. This rite of passage is marked with a greater sense of independence & provides a sort of dry run for adulthood, when teens are still young enough to be forgiven for childish mistakes, but old enough to accept increasing responsibility. If you're planning a Sweet Sixteen celebration, try to keep the following factors in mind to assist yourself in creating the perfect party. This birthday celebration can be considered a mash-up of the Latina Quinceanera and the American débutante tradition. A Sweet Sixteen birthday party is traditionally a time for the girl’s first formal party, often colloquially referred to as a dry run for wedding planning. This is an opportunity for parents walk the teen through the steps and hassles that come along with hosting a large event, from the pre-planning to how to be a good and gracious host. However it is often the case that the parents' desires clash with those of the teenager themselves. Even if your teen seeks an informal sweet sixteen birthday party it can be just as special as the most formal affair imaginable. The 16th birthday marks the transition from childhood to adulthood, so talk with your daughter (or son) well in advance regarding the type of celebration they would like. Work with your teen to plan a special Sweet Sixteen birthday party that fits your budget and their interests. From formal parties reminiscent of débutante balls to informal gatherings at the bowling alley, Sweet Sixteens are limited only by your imagination and budget. Keep in mind that the specific activity is much less important than the sense of celebration that accompanies the activity. In the past few years booking a party bus to take your teen and their guests to an event or activity has become increasing popular as a fun way to lessen the overall cost of the event. Rather than having to rent out a location, decorate, and hire catering in addition to planning activities, you can simply reserve a party bus and call ahead to the destination for size of the party. Popular destination choices are activities such as bowling or laser tag, while others choose dinner and movie or events like concerts, sporting events or other festivals. While others are completely content to simply spend their time on the mobile dance club on wheels with their favorite music and friends. Det Party Bus has years of experience catering to teenage clients from Sweet Sixteens to Proms and Homecoming, when you call to reserve ask out friendly booking agent about our teen promise pledge to keep everyone safe while having a blast.

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