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Bachelorette Parties:

Planning a Bachelorette Party can be a massive headache that leaves bridesmaids feeling stressed, resentful and broke. However, with some smart planning this doesn't have to be the case. The first step is to talk with the bride to be to find our what her expectations for the night or weekend are. Would she prefer to stay close to home? Is she expecting a late night at the bar or is something a little more tame her style? Does she want matching outfits for all of her bridesmaids? What are her feelings regarding everything being penis shaped? Find out what her priorities are vs. what matters least to her. Brainstorm party concepts and scenarios with the other bridesmaids, it can avoid a lot of last minute drama of people trying to have their voice and ideas heard at the last minute. Let's leave the audible and other sports metaphors for the guys over at their party. It's been our experience that the bride often feels guilty about everything she asks of people during wedding planning, and knowing that her friends aren't getting along may really upset her, she may even blame herself so unless another bridesmaid is being a total..., it's best work it out with the other bridesmaids or just let it go. We recommend that you ask attendees to pay in advance so that no one is stuck with the tab and hoping to be reimbursed; this will also keep last-minute drop-outs from increasing the cost for everyone else. We also recommend not over-planning the night or weekend. Have plans in place but allow the fun to happen organically, more fun is had by lounging and relaxing than stressing about tasks on an itinerary. Which is way reserving a party bus is the best move you can make no matter what you are planning. With a party on wheels the fun begins at pick up not at the destination, on top of that it builds in time for everyone to be together and able to relax and have a blast as they driver handles the journey for you. On the bus you have all the wonderful amenities of a night club minus the eastern European guy who smells like vodka, Hai Karate, and desperation, unless you choose to hire a cheap stripper of course. The best case for hiring a party bus to handle the bachelorette party is because the second the bride hears "We got a party bus!" she will know you have the situation handled and she will be able to relax and feel comfortable handing over control without you having to spoil any surprises. The best gift you can give the bride to be is one less stressful occasion for her to worry about. Reserving a party bus vastly opens up your options of what is available to do, so start by calling us and get the ball rolling. See our friends at Bachelorette Party Detroit for more in depth information.

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